A Buyer’s Guide to The Perfect Juicer

juicer buyer guideA juicer is an electronic or manual device that is used to extract the juice of fruits, herbs, vegetables and leafy greens from their pulp. The process of removal of juice from the pulp is known as juicing. Juices are an excellent way of consuming the right amount of nutrients and vitamins required by the body as by the process of juicing, a glass of juice concentrates all the nutrition of the fruit or vegetable in to the juice. A juice thus contains all the goodness of the pulp and is easily digested by the body. Juices also enable us to eat more raw produce.

What Needs your Attention?

Juices also help in cutting down unnecessary fat from the body as they provide all the nutrients to the body without having any fat content. Juicers are excellent electronic devices that come in daily use; they come in various size and shapes and come with a large number of equipments and features. However, with the variety of juicers available in the market, it gets extremely difficult to choose the right juicer that fits all your needs. There are certain parameters that should be looked out for, while selecting a juicer, following is a list of features that you should concentrate on while buying a juicer.


Single Auger vs. Double Auger

There is a significant difference between a single auger and a double auger juicer. A single auger juicer has only one auger or gear and extracts juice with a grinding or chewing motion. This action does not break the cellular structure of the fruit or vegetable hence keeping the enzymes intact, thereby making the juice full of enzymes and nutrients. This kind of juice packs all the natural ingredients without disturbing them at all. Juicers with single augers are cheaper as compare to double or twin auger and does not require much effort at the time of feeding the fruits into the machine as it uses a ‘self fed’ system due to the presence of a single gear.

A double auger juicer is a high-end juicer and is comparatively costlier. It uses two gears, which are situated at a distant of less than 1 mm apart. It uses a crushing, rubbing, grinding and pounding motion to extract juice from the pulp. This action does break the cellular structure thereby releasing the deep-seated enzymes and nutrients. Thus, juice produced by a double auger is more nutritious than that of a single auger juicer. However, a double auger juicer requires patience as it takes a lot of time to feed the juicer at the time of juicing due to the minimal distance between the two augers.


Speed and Power of a Juice

i) Speed

As far as speed is concerned, a slow juicer is better than a fast juicer. A slow juicer practically chews the pulp to extract the juice and hence ensures maximum juice extraction from the pulp. Also slower juicers do not rotate at high speeds as compared to high speed juicers, which rotate at high speed producing a lot of heat; this heat destroys a lot of enzymes from the juice thus making it less nutritious.

ii) RPM

As far as RPM is considered, slow RPM is better than a high RPM. A juicer with high RPM rotates the pulp at a higher speed to extract juice; this rotation exposes the juice to air thereby oxidizing the juice. Oxidation of juice leads to a loss of nutrients and helpful enzymes. However, a juicer with low RPM does not rotate the pulp but they use a chewing motion to force out juice from the pulp thereby maintaining the nutrients and enzymes.


Maintenance Friendly

It is important to choose a maintenance friendly juicer as it is used every day. While selecting a juicer for yourself you should keep in mind the warranty period of the machine. The juicer should have a good warranty period so that if you encounter a problem, somebody from the company reaches out to help you.

It must also be kept in mind that the service centre is nearby so that you can take your machine to the service centre easily should you face an issue. A juicer should also be easy to clean. Most of the juicers come with parts that can be detached and cleaned separately, buying such a juicer will be more convenient than buying one, which is tedious and requires a lot of effort to clean.


Form, Size and Looks

A juicer is an appliance that you use every day, therefore it is necessary that the machine looks attractive and stylish. However, one should not compromise with the features of the machine just for the sake of looks. Nevertheless, there are a lot of machines available in the market which look stylish and are loaded with features.

Size is also an important factor while choosing a juicer, you should go for a juicer that is lightweight and is not bulky. Often we need to carry the juicer from one place to another thus; it becomes feasible to choose a lightweight juicer.



It is a common misconception that a costly juicer is better than a cheaper juicer. It is believed that higher price means higher quality and higher performance; however, this is not entirely true. While buying a juicer one must keep in mind their needs and preferences and not the price. If a person needs to extract juice faster he must choose a single auger juicer as it yields juice faster, but a single auger juicer is quiet cheap. This proves that the price of the juicer is not relevant; it is the function and the features that matter.

Juicers are user-friendly machines and help the user in many ways. Utmost care should be taken while choosing a juicer. A juicer should yield large quantities of juice, should work quickly, should be easy to clean and should retain the enzymes in the juice. Therefore, the next time you buy a juicer, keep the above points in your mind and buy the best juicer for yourself without much hassle.