juicepresso cold pressJuicers are tools designed to grind and squeeze fruits and vegetables to make juices which are easier to take and easily digested in the body. A juicer is an essential tool when it comes to healthy living and weight loss. This important tool will allow you to make juices and smoothies at home at your own convenience. With a juicer, you will be in a position to make yourself a grass or two of juice as fast as you would pour a soda in a glass and this is one of the major befits of juicers.

The juices and smoothies you make using the juicer will give you a satisfaction feeling and this is part of eliminating the appetite for unhealthy foods or drinks.

Just like most appliances in the kitchen, there are different types of juicers. The type you select will determine the output. For this reason, it is important that you choose a juicer according to what you are looking for. The following are the main types of juicers and a short description of what they are all about.

Types of Juicers / Reviews

Best Juicer Overall

When you are looking for a juicer, you should know that there are different types and different brands in the market.  This means that if you are not sure what you are looking for, you might end up confused and with a bad quality juicer that will not last long. This is why it is important to check the list of the top best juicer overall. These are juicers that have been highly rated by consumers due to their services and performance.

It is highly recommended that you learn all the advantages and drawbacks of the different types of juicers prior to making a decision on the juicer you will be buying. Different brands have varying juicers with different features and each brand will work perfectly for specific needs. You should therefore compare your needs with the best juicer overall and determine whether this sir a unit you need for a more informed purchase.

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Best Slow Juicer

The market is flooded with different brands of juicers from different manufacturers. With this in mind, you can only expect a lot of confusion when shopping for one. If you are interested in juicing leafy vegetables, then a slow juicer will be a great place to start. The juicer gets the name ‘slow’ because this is how it operates and this has a number of benefits. There are different features to consider when purchasing a slow juicer. The rotation per minute is important, and the pulp handling is also an important point to pay attention to.

You will get two forms when looking for a slow juicer, a single gear and a twin gear unit. The slow speed reduces the oxidation caused by fast moving juicers and this lengthens the juice’s storage. A slow juicer is great if you want to get the best out of your foods but will need more time to produce a glass of juice.

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Best Wheatgrass Juicers

Wheatgrass has multiple benefits to human health and this is why you need the best methods to prepare and ingest the wheatgrass. A wheatgrass juicer will come in handy because it will help in extracting all the essential nutrients from the wheatgrass. What you need is the best wheatgrass juicer to squeeze the wheatgrass to the last drop. You need an efficient juicer that works fast and properly each time you need a glass of wheatgrass juice. This is the main reason why you should get a dedicated wheatgrass juicer that is specifically designed to handle this kind of juicing.

There are 2 types of juicers when it comes to wheatgrass juicing and you can either select the electric or the manual wheatgrass juicer depending on what your needs are. Keep in mind that most of these dedicated juicers are only perfect at juicing wheatgrass and will not handle other foods very well.

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Juicer Reviews


Hurom Elite Slow Juicer

The Hurom Elite slow juicer is a high quality masticating juicer fitted with a high performance 150-watt motor rotating at 43 rotations per minute. The manufacturer claims that this unit will have 35% more juice and anyone who has used the juicer can attest to an increase in yield. The juicer’s pulp releaser will only get the pulp out when there is no more juice coming out of it. This means that you will always have more juice to drink.

Cleaning this juicer is easy because it can easily be disassembled and assembled. The unit comes with cleaning brushes and this is a great gesture from the manufacturer. The machine comes with safety measures and if there is a single part that is not properly fixed, the juicer will not operate.  The solid construction will last long and the only con is the time it takes to juice your food.

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Omega J8006 Review

A masticating juicer is a great option when you want to juice leafy vegetables and the Omega J8006 will ensure that you get the last drop from your foods. This is a juicer with a slow motor rotating at between 75 and 80 rotations per minute. The slow speed ensures that the juice has no form and is less oxidized thus can last for about 3 days.

This unit does not build up heat and will therefore not destroy any vitamins. Slow speeds also produce less noise and you will not have to wake up the entire neighborhood when you need a glass of juice at night. This unit is more than a juicer because it can chop and mince foods, make baby food, desserts, and nut butter and grind coffee beans. The Omega J8006 is easy in cleaning and using. You will however need more time to make a glass of juice.

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Nutrifast N450 Review

When you are operating any business that delivers fresh juice, you will be in need of a high performance juicer that will deliver fast and the Nutrifast N450 is the unit for this job.  This is a fast juicer fitted with a 1.25 horsepower motor that runs at 3450 rotations per minute. The unit is constructed with stainless steel which makes it easy to clean. There is an immediate pulp ejection feature and two cutter plates that can be interchanged.

The Nutrifast N450 juicer is designed for commercial setting and will deliver high quantities of juice within a short period. All the parts that need to be cleaned are dish washable and the unit comes with safety features that ensure you and the machine are safe. This juicer is easy to operate, easy to clean and durable. It is however heavy so it cannot be moved around often and not suitable for vegetable juicing.

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Types Of Juicers / Overview

There are 3 main types of juicers that you will find in the market and you should consider what you want the juicer to deliver before you make that important decision of selecting a particular juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicers are the fastest units and are the best choices for people who want a quick glass of natural juice without spending hours in the kitchen. The juicer first grinds the fruits and vegetables into tiny pieces and pushes then down to the strainer where the juice is extracted. The juicer boast of a high spinning cycle and this is what enables the fast juicing process.

Masticating Juicer

If you are not in such a hurry and you are interested in squeezing the fruits and vegetables to their last drop of juice, then masticating juicers will give you what you want. The juicer will work in a single gear slowly to ensure it gets all the juice out of the fruits or vegetables. This juicer has more detailed processes as compared to the centrifugal juicer and this is what ensures that you get the best out of the foods but this also means that the juicer is slow and requires time to deliver.

Triturating Juicer

The triturating juicer is a slow juicer and will take its time through the processes to produce the richest glass of juice. This is the kind of juicer that you will find in commercial settings because time is always a factor in most people’s kitchens. The juicer will come with different features that ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

There are many different brands for each type of juicer and selecting one will only be easier if you have some information on these brands. Juicers make it easy for your body to absorb all the nutrients from your different foods and make it easy for you to consume even the fruits and vegetables that you do not like.

Best Juicer Brands

Jack Lalanne Juicers

Jack Lalanne is a popular brand because of the powerful juicers it has to offer. The brand has multiple types of juicers ranging from specialized units to multipurpose juicers. Most commercial establishments that provide healthy fresh juices have revealed that they use units from this brand. The juicers will easily extract small amounts of juice and the heavy duty work will also be handled without much effort.

The juicers from this manufacturer have features that make the juicing process easy and fun. You will get smoothie makes with high performance parts and juicers that will last long and serve your needs. From this brand, you will get a wide range of products that are given names such as Express, classic, deluxe, and elite. The units are easy to use and easy to clean and will extract juice from your foods to optimum levels and give you the best from your foods.

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Omega Juicers

Because of the services and performance by juicers from Omega, these units have become quite popular especially in the UK and the surrounding nations. In the list of the top 10 juicers available in the market, Omega Vert has a position. Though a bit pricey when compared to other juicers in the market, the omega juicers will last longer and have been considered to be among the best juicers around the world by consumers who have had a chance to use them.

Omega has made sure that all the consumers are covered by manufacturing versatile juicers. These units can handle different juicing processes such as soft fruits, and leafy vegetables. These juicers will help in the preparation of a quick glass of juice and will therefore save time as opposed to other brands that might take longer for the same quantity.  There might be many brands in the market but you should consider Omega juicers when buying one.

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Hamilton Beach Juicers

Hamilton Beach has made its name as a reputable brand around the world. This is because this brand has customers from all over the world and they endeavor to make products that satisfy their customer’s needs. While it is true that this brand has a narrow variety of juicers available, whatever units are offered in the market are of better quality than most of the other brands.

For instance, the Hamilton Beach 67601 juicer has become a popular model because of the features and the durability of the materials used to construct the unit. Since its inception, the model has attracted a large following and has made its way to many kitchens where it is used to make healthy juices every day. If you are looking for a juicer that will serve you for long and always juice your fruits and vegetables like it’s new, consider the Hamilton Beach brand.

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Chefs-Star Juicers

Chef Star juicers are competing quite well with other international brands in the US and in Europe. Compared to some brands, Chef Star is quite young but has worked relentlessly towards the establishment of their brand. The company has done a good job in marketing their products and is now in different countries around the world. Consumers can choose from different types of juicers from this brand and the good thing is that they are inexpensive.

Regardless of the price, the Chef Star juicers will perform and function according to your needs. The units are manufactured using durable materials and will last long thus giving you longer service. If you are looking for a juicer that will deliver high quality results and not dent your wallet when you are buying it, then you might want to consider the Chef Star juicers when you are out shopping for the best juicer.

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Epica Juicers

Epica as a brand might not as popular as most of the other international juicer brands available in the market, but the company is worth mentioning because of the high quality juicers they make. This juicer has a huge following of consumers in the European market and will obviously grow its market into other countries. The main attraction features that Epica juicers boast of is the attractive design and durability which makes it a good investment for a person who does not intent to spend on a juicer any time soon.

An Epica Juicer is constructed in a study design and since it is economical, it attracts most of the consumers that come into contact with it. This is a juicer that will give you a rich glass of juice within a short period of time and will continue doing so each time you need one for a long period.

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Breville Juicers

Breville has created a name for itself as a reputable source for dedicated home appliances. Breville boasts of more than 50 juicer models in the market and is available in most of the countries around the world. All the models available are geared towards specific needs and specific markets. There is something for all consumers since you can get a juicer for around $40 to $700 for the high end models.

The juicers are also available online and consumers can make their orders through shops such as Amazon and eBay. Breville juicers are constructed in designs that are attractive and functional. When you purchase the Brevile juicer, you will be investing your money in a durable unit that will deliver high quality services and last long. The next time you are out shopping for a juicer, consider one from Breville and you will be guaranteed of a juicer that will meet your needs.

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Cuisinart Juicers

Cuisinart has become a popular brand owing to the unique designs of the appliances they have in the market. With a quick glance at a juicer from this brand, you will understand what the fuss is all about. Regardless of what you want to juice, you will always get desirable results. From leafy vegetables, vegetable roots, hard fruits to wheatgrass, juicing with Cuisinart juicers will always be fun and easy.

The juicers have inlet chutes that are large enough for different activities and the units are fitted with high speed motor that will ensure that maximum juice is extracted from the foods. The company is doing a good job in marketing their juicers and this has resulted in the popularity of different models.  If you are in search of a juicer that will last long and always serve you as if it was new, then you should include Cuisinart juicer in your shopping list.

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Black and Decker Juicers

When it comes to home appliances, Black and Decker is a household name. This company is known for its reliable appliances and the same goes for their juicers most consumers are always looking for top performance and durable juicers. Black and Decker always strive to meet this demand by providing high quality juicers made of strong materials that last long in service. Apart from offering some of the best juicers available today, black and Decker strives to deliver satisfactory customer service and this is what makes the company popular.

The advantage of juicers from this manufacturer is that they are versatile and you will love the variety of juicers you can make using these units. If you want to make puree, sauce, smoothies or juices, Black and decker juicers have got you all covered. The next time you are out looking for a reliable juicer, remember to check out Black and Decker products.

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There are many different juicers from different manufacturers. This alone is enough to confuse a consumer when they are shopping for the ideal juicer to meet their needs. This is why it is important to highlight some of the top juicer brands and their features to make the selection process easier. There are some important things that each consumer should pay attention to when buying a juicer, these are speed, cleaning, safety, durability, and ease of use.

An ideal juicer is one that is easy to clean, easy to use, durable and fast enough for your needs. While some people will prefer a quick glass of juice from a fast juicer, some will appreciate a glass full of nutrients extracted using a slow juicer. Both the fast and the slow juicers have their own benefits and drawbacks which is why you should look at the features of different top juicers to determine the correct unit for your needs.