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Starting the Day Right with Breakfast Smoothies


Everyone has heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While this traditional view may be true, the fact remains that very few people today have time for anything more than a hurriedly put nourishment of sorts. For…

Welcome to the Fantastic World of Smoothies and Shakes


Smoothies and shakes remain a constant favorite in the global food community regardless of the fact that at any given time you can have anything from pizza to chow mein to boeuf cordon bleu to pad Thai. The reason for the universal appeal…

Best Anti Aging Juice Recipes for Beginners

Making anti aging juices is not really that hard. However, in order to look and feel young without going through too much trouble, it is better if beginners stick to easy juice recipes. Before people start to make juices, they need to understand…

Furbish Your Day With This Antioxidant Bomb!

blueberry smoothy

This drink will furbish your day and is easily ┬ádigestible and thinner than most smoothies, so it is closer to a juice than a meal. Perfect between meals or to add energy to your day. Antioxidant Bomb 0.6 cups carrot juice, fresh 0.6…

Helpful Equipments to Enhance Your Juicing Experience

Pineapple Cutter

One of the main aspects of healthy living includes the introduction of juices in the daily diet. Juices are a great diet food as they provide the body with all the required nutrients and are practically calorie free. Juices provide sufficient energy for…

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