Questions and Answers About Juicing

Things You Might Want to Know Before Juicing

Is all juice diet a good idea?

fruity rootAn all juice diet requires you to consume only juices and exclude all solid foods from your diet. An all juice diet is good for the body as it provides the body with all the essential nutrients along with preventing the intake of any fats. While on an all juice diet, the body uses the extra stored up fat in the body which leads to weight loss, also the absence of fibre from the diet leads to a decrease in the toxins released by the body, while the body flushes out the toxins already present inside it. An all juice diet provides the body with all the essential nutrients except one, called fibre or roughage which is present in whole fruits and vegetables. The importance of solid foods should not be neglected but going on an all juice diet once in a while is actually beneficial for the body.

Is an all juice diet good for detoxification?                                                             

Mean Green MachineYes, an all juice diet is good for detoxification as staying on an all juice diet reduces the production of toxins in your body while also flushing out the toxins that are already present in there. While an individual is on an all juice diet, the absence of fats and oils leads to purification of the digestive system also the intake of liquids in large quantities helps in flushing out all the impurities from the body. An all juice diet gives you clear skin and a stronger immune system, along with a healthier body and toxin free digestive system.

Is juicing low calorie?

Fresh vegetable juices on wooden table, on green backgroundIt is a common misconception that juicing is low calorie, however you must be surprised to know that there are a lot many calories in juices than you thought. When the pulp of a fruit is extracted, surprisingly the juice contains more calories than the whole fruit. In addition, a lot many people add sugar to their juice; this too increases the calorie content of the juice. Nonetheless, packaged juices are a lot worse. They contain a large amount of added sugar, added preservatives and added nutrients thereby making them highly unhealthy. On the other hand, homemade juices are a lot healthier as compared to packaged juices but have higher calorie content than whole fruits.

Is juicing healthier than eating whole fruits or vegetables?


Juices are extracted from the pulp of fruits and vegetables and are full of nutrients and vitamins present in the fruit or vegetable itself. However, juices lack one very important component present in the whole fruits or vegetables known as fibre. Fibre is an important requirement of the body as it aids in proper bowel movement and keeps the digestive system clean and healthy. Juices lack this very important component and thus are not as healthy as whole fruits. However if an individual goes on an all juice diet for a certain duration where he consumes only juices, the lack of roughage is compensated by the total abstinence from solid foods, but in our day to day life, fibre or roughage should be positively administered in our diets.