​​​​A Comprehensive Guide to Juicing for Healthy Living – The Real Benefits of Juicing

Benefits of JuicingThere are a few things as beneficial, nutritious and healthy as a glass full of freshly squeezed juice. Laden with taste and health at the same time, it is rare to see this combination in any other nature-derived product. Juices are slowly making their way into our lives, and who can deny the benefits of juicing? Juices are touted as the easiest and fastest methods to enrich your body with nutrition. These days almost every household has a a high quality juicer or a blender/food processor combo and the times are fast approaching when ‘who knows the most about juicing’ competitions and their likes will no more be a mere figment of imagination.

A famous man (we do not exactly know who!) once said, “A half truth is a full lie”. This applies to almost all the scenarios we go through on a daily basis, and applies to juicing as well. If you do not know everything that there is to know about this science of juicing, how can you claim to your kids, that it is the right thing for them to drink a glass full of it, every morning?

So we present to you, a ‘know it all’ holistic guide to help you wade the waters of knowledge when it comes to juicing and everything it entails!

Benefits of Juicing: A Complete Guide

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Benefits of Aloe Vera JuiceYou probably have had it before, but I certainly doubt if you knew all the benefits it comes with. In that small and tall leaf of Aloe Vera is a whole bunch of minerals and vitamins. These include Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and many others. As for minerals, you will find calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron.

Because it has anti bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, Aloe Vera juice is the master in as far as boosting immunity is concerned. If you have a cold, try drinking the juice and see how it will burn.

The juice is also useful in aiding in digestion. Several studies have also showed that it helps lower cholesterol levels.

But that is just a start, Aloe Vera has compounds that cleanse your whole body. And if you have burns, the juice will make them heal faster.

The only thing you should look out for is a compound in Aloe Vera that can cause diarrhea if taken excessively. Other than that, there are no real dangers to taking Aloe Vera juice.

And since it does not taste so great, you can juice it with other foods.

Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Benefits of Cranberry JuiceIt can be overwhelming to know that there are a lot of fruits each with different nutrient compositions. But you need not to fear as that helps you have a choice. Like with Aloe Vera, Cranberry juice has everything you would need in a juice to stay healthy. It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals than I can manage to list here. A single cup of cranberries has over 9000 antioxidants.

The number one reason you might need to be drinking cranberry juice is because of its abilities to fight tumors. It does not matter whether it is in the lungs, breast, colon and any other place in the body. Cranberry will fight it and its weapon is salicylic acid.

But it does not stop there, it can also help prevent the occurrence of heart related conditions that result from the narrowing of arteries. This happens with the help of Atherosclerosis which is a compound found in Cranberry. If you have Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), then you can run to the market to get cranberries. This condition is usually present in pregnant women.

By taking cranberry juice, you will also strengthen your bones. At the same time, it will also keep you from visiting the doctor with a cold. And for those who want to look young forever, cranberries have anti-aging properties. And lastly, cranberries will also help prevent respiratory infections.

By now I am sure you are inspired in making your own cranberry juice, but before you do, you should know its disadvantages. The biggest one is that it can increase kidney stones. Again, you should avoid it if you are taking aspirin.

Benefits of Carrot Juice

Benefits of Carrot JuiceIt is one of the most popular juices in the world. You might have even heard the rumor that you turn orange when you drink a lot of it. Even if this was true, I would still not give up on this juice considering how healthy it is.

To begin with, it does not have a lot of calories despite the sweet taste. It is packed with a lot of vitamins including A, B1, B2, C, E, D and K. It also comes with potassium and calcium. All these nutrients have a function in our lives. Carrot juice has beta-carotene and lutein which together help improve eyesight.

For those struggling with infertility (can be a deficiency in some nutrients), then you might need to invest in a good juicer and start making carrot juice. Studies have showed that it does help. And if you already have a baby, carrot will increase the amount of breast milk and its quality.

If you ever thought the only way to take care of your skin is by using store bought products, you wouldn’t be more wrong. Carrot juice can do that too. Whether you have dry skin, acne or many other skin conditions, carrot juice has all it takes to end those problems. And as a finisher, carrot improves the immune system. It, for example, can lower the risk of cancer. It also helps regulate blood sugar. And lastly, you will be spared from lung diseases as it helps prevent those as well.

The only drawback with this juice is the sugar which can be an issue to those with diabetes. If you have this condition, consult you doctor first.

Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

Benefits of Tart Cherry JuiceEverybody knows how delicious tart cherries are. But did you know the health benefits that are trapped within?

If you are having trouble getting a good night sleep, then drinking some tart cherry juice will increase you sleeping time. It has a compound that makes you sleep longer, which is good for you.

But that is not all, if working out a lot, tart cherry juice will speed the relief of muscle fatigue. And if you have arthritis or gout, the juice has anthocyanins and bioflavonoids which will help relieve the pain. So you can get back to your activities without any problems.

In addition to everything above, tart juice also helps in the fight against cancer. This is due to the compounds known as Perillyl alcohol, Limonene and ellagic acid. Apart from that, it also plays an important part in lowering cholesterol level. Its antioxidant properties reduce the damage of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) by free radicals. Additionally, it also reduces oxidative stress and prevents premature aging. As if that is not still enough, it will improve the healthy of the cardiovascular system. So as you can see, all this will in the end lead to a resilient of your immune system.

But they say all good things must come to an end. And for tart cherry juice, the pros to do go on and on. It too has its own red flags. The juice contains a lot of sugar so drinking too much of it might prove to be counterproductive. You should try to take the juice in moderate amounts. You can as well use if with water or even raw milk or almond milk.

Benefits of Beet Juice

Benefits of Beet JuicePacked with all the vitamins we all desperately need like A, B1, B2, B6, C and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, beet juice is one drink that should always be present on your menu.

Beat juice has compounds that regenerates and reactivates red blood cells thereby preventing or fixing anemia. And talking about blood, beet juice will lower blood pressure if it is on the high side. At the same time, it will elevate it if it is lower than normal. Good news to those who have been abusing alcohol for years is that beet juice will go a long way in cleansing your body. Again, this cleaning effect is also useful in fighting gout.

If you have issues with your eyes, beet juice might be the magical solution you have been looking for. It has lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are heavily present in the retina. These two are believed to help with sight problems. And as you might have guessed it, beet juice is not absent from the cancer war. It also helps prevent the occurrence of cancer cells. This juice goes really well with carrots, cucumber or even celery. But if you drink too much of it, you might notice that stew and urine come out red.

Benefits of Pineapple Juice

Benefits of Pineapple JuiceIt is one fruit many love. But do you really know all it can do for you healthy or you have always felt like it is just one of those foods?

To begin with, pineapple comes with a lot of vitamin C. This is a natural antioxidant. So it improves overall immunity from so many diseases. Additionally, it keeps teeth strong. It also has a hand in making gums more resistant to bacteria which can damage them.

Another pineapple’s secret is its deposit of bromelain. This has a number of functions. Firstly, it promotes digestion by breaking down protein particles. It also plays an important role in normal functionality of the bile. Again, bromelain is also there for anti inflammation. And lastly, it prevents menstrual disorders.

Pineapple juice goes on in terms of healthy benefits with manganese. This compound makes bones grow in young people but at the same time, strengthens them in the elderly. And if you think your eyesight is deteriorating, then a glass of pineapple juice daily might save you from getting grasses. It has beta carotene and vitamin A, both of which the eye needs to maintain its health. To those who have arthritis, you will be glad to know that pineapple juice also helps you with that.

Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Benefits of Pomegranate JuicePomegranate is another popular fruit that many are yet to discover its benefits. Like with all the juices here, it deserves a mention as it packs a bunch of healthy benefits.

This juice reduces the occurrence of inflammation of the lining of blood vessels thereby improving heart health. It also prevents the blockage of arteries which might restrict blood flow to both the heart and other vital organs. As for the fight against cancer, pomegranate also has shares in that war. It has antioxidants properties that help destroy free radicals which are notorious for causing cancer.

For those with anemia, smile because pomegranate contains iron which is instrumental ending anemia or preventing it from happening in the first place. Despite having a lot of sugar itself, pomegranate helps in the maintenance of blood sugar. And if you are struggling with skin care products that seem to never work, perhaps now is the best time to try pomegranate. It will make your skin vibrant and glow. Additionally, it helps heal scars and slow the aging process by reducing wrinkles.

But as good as it sounds, this juice is not for everyone. Those with a cough or any kind of allergies should not drink it. Again, it has been discovered that it has an effect when taken with other  medications. So as a precaution, consult your doctor if you are not sure about this.

Benefits of Noni Juice

Benefits of Noni JuiceNoni juice is as healthy as you can imagine. Blessed with all the necessary vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and all the necessary minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, this is one juice that will make you forget there are diseases in this world.

Noni juice has antioxidant properties. So like the others, it destroys free radicals thereby protecting you from oxidative stress and many diseases including the occurrence of cancer cells.

The juice can also help with general body fatigue. It relaxes the muscles and also provide relief from pain associated with arthritis. The benefits go on as Noni juice is also responsible for boosting the immune system. It, for example, has compounds that help protect the liver from damage. Again, it lowers the level of cholesterol. This is from a study that was conducted on smokers. Those who drunk Noni juice showed a decrease in the level of cholesterol while those who drunk a placebo showed no sign of improvement.

And as a bonus, Noni juice will normalize blood sugar levels. But as always, there are precautions to be considered if you will be taking this juice. If you have liver or kidney problems, you might need to stay away. And if you are taking other medication (like chemotherapy drugs), be sure it is safe as the two can react.

Benefits of Grapefruit Juice

Benefits of Grapefruit JuiceGrapefruits are among the top ranking foods that offer so many benefits. The juice comes with a punch that most diseases find hard to survive.

As a citrus fruit, it is packed with vitamin C. As you might already know, this is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. So you will be spared from oxidative stress. Additionally, vitamin C improves the cardiovascular system so dying from diseases like heart disease, stroke is out of the equation.

Pink and red grapefruits have a compound known as Lycopene. This is responsible in halting the development of prostate and colon cancer. It is not clear if Lycopene can also reduce the likelihood of other cancers but if it could, it would not be a surprise.

In a different study, it was discovered that grapefruit juice lowered cholesterol. This was due to another compound found in grapefruits called pectivin. This was tested on animals.

Other notable benefits include its ability to bring down a fever and reduce the risk of cold. On the flip side, it has high levels of flavonoid naringin. This compound is known to react with other drugs. So if you are taking any type of medication, you might need to consult with a medical professional. Again, excessive consumption can result in high concentrations of calcium getting to the bones and teeth causing them to decay. So drink in moderation and you will be fine.

Benefits of Lemon Juice

Benefits of Lemon JuiceAlmost everyone knows lemons and understands how healthy they are. But like with everything, you might underestimate them. To start with, lemon also has a great deal of vitamin C packed in it. Like you already know, this is important in helping you prevent oxidation from free radicals.

In addition to that, it raises the level of citrate acid in the urine thereby preventing the occurrence of kidney stones. And if you are having trouble losing weight, you can mix lemon juice with some water and honey and you should be able to see a few pounds go.

But that is not all, drinking lemon juice improves perspiration which can bring down a fever if you have one. And it also helps fight malaria. And for those with rheumatoid arthritis, lemon juice can be called to the rescue and it will help in taking some pain away.

This one is an old trick and many have used it – use lemon juice if you have throat infections and you will be good. Those with high blood pressure might also find useful as it helps in that regard as well because of the high concentration of potassium. And do not stop thinking soap is the only thing that can make your skin glow, lemon juice knows how to do that as well. As a matter of fact, it even helps in healing burns and other skin problems.

On the negative side, brushing teeth soon after taking lemon juice might not be the best thing as you can damage the enamel.

Benefits of Apple Juice

Benefits of Apple JuiceThey say an apple a day, will keep a doctor away. And as icing on the cake, apples come in a number of types so you can have them your way. For example, there are red apples, pink lady apples, Fuji apples and many more. These fruits are without out question the kings/queens of all fruits, thanks to their abundant supply of nutrients.

To begin with, apples are good for the brain. They can reduce the likelihood of diseases like Alzheimer’s and many other mental conditions. This was proved in a study on rats. Those which were given apple juice daily showed a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and it was the opposite in the other part which did not take the juice.

Apart from that, apple juice has a lot of vitamin A. As you might already know, this is crucial for the eyes. It will help you have better vision.

And for the fight against cancer, apples are also in the army. This is especially true with lung cancer. The juice has flavonoids and phenolic acids which are crucial for this.

Flavonoids are also important in the prevention of asthma as they make the lungs stronger. Actually, flavonoids are good for overall healthy because they also work as antioxidants. With a little help from a compound known as polyphenol, the two are guaranteed to give you good healthy.

In addition to the other vitamins, apples also have vitamin C. This makes bones stronger and healthier. It does this in conjunction with iron.

And lastly, apple juice will help lower cholesterol levels. It will also work on your skin to make it look better. If you have an inflammation or even wrinkles, you can trust apples to help you.

Benefits of Celery Juice

Benefits of Celery JuiceCelery is one of the few vegetables juices on the planet being enjoyed by a lot of people. Many run to it because of its healthy benefits.

Topping on the list of nutrients in celery is a compound known as 3-n-butylphthalide. As scary as the name looks, what it does in our bodies is actually amazing. It lowers blood pressure. At the same time, it has the ability to also lower cholesterol levels.

And as with all the others, celery could not be absent in the fight against cancer. So it has its own weapons for defeating it in the name of acetylenic, phonolic acid and phyto nutrients. These combined help put cancer to sleep.

If you are on a weight loss diet, then this is the best time to introduce celery juice because it will help you. It is low in calories and because of some fiber, you will be filling full. But the fiber is also important when it is time to prevent constipation. Another compound in celery juice is polyactylen, which is important in preventing inflammation. It will for example help if you have osteoarthritis, asthma, gout and many other conditions.

And because of its bag of vitamins like A, B, C and more, you will have a healthy and good looking skin. Lastly, celery can also help in bed by increasing sexuality.

Benefits of Prune Juice

Benefits of Prune JuiceA glass of prune juice daily could be all you need to save some medical bills. But how true is this? Is prune juice as good as it sounds? Yes! It is.

Like with many foods on this list, prune’s biggest secret lies in its huge deposit of antioxidants. It, for example, has a lot of Phenols which help in fighting free radicals to prevent oxidation. It again has beta carotene and anthocyanins which together fight against cancer.

Other benefits include its ability to slow the aging process. It is also great for mental capabilities as it maintains healthy brain cell membranes. But the benefits keep on coming; prune juice will also lower the risk of stroke and high blood pressure.

Another reason it is hugely promoted by healthy experts is because of its fiber which help with bowel movement and preventing constipation. Even though the juice has less fiber than the real fruit, it is still enough to make a difference. A single cup contains about 2.5g of fiber. This helps soften the bowel. It has been proven that prune juice is more effective in preventing constipation than over the counter drugs. The fiber also helps in keeping blood sugar levels normal.

But prune juice also has a cleansing effect that clears your body thereby preventing acne and making your skin look good. Additionally, it has so much iron which is important in preventing anemia.

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A Short Review of Procuring and Taking Care of Raw Materials

Pardon the dramatics, but a great glass of juice is not possible until you get your raw materials right. Your raw materials could be anything from fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables (you will need a special juicer for those or even a blender to make green smoothies), and berries. There is a lot that goes into keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for juicing, and we will look at all of them in a sequential manner. Learn more about high-rated vegetable juicers here.

How to Buy Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Store Them?

It is necessary that you be not misled just by the color of the raw fruits and vegetables make sure, you buy these based on how fresh they are. Adultery is one skill that every major chain these days possesses, so make sure you get an estimate on the freshness quotient of the stuff before proceeding. Ask around and get an idea of how long it is since the time these were delivered to your supermarket, and get an average idea of how soon do these fresh produces hit the shelf after getting plucked from farms. This is just a onetime estimate, once you get the hang of how much time it takes for fresh supplies to reach, you can time your supermarket visits accordingly.

Every fruit and vegetable has a different time that it takes before turning bad. One thing that needs remembering is that humidity and heat are the two main factors that make your vegetables and fruits to wilt or rot. Usually if you have kept these refrigerated, they can stay in good shape for about two to three days however, soon enough they start to lose their nutritional value. The steps one can take to ensure their fresh produce stays fresh are:

  • If you are planning to juice your veggies, and fruits, make sure to buy them not more than a day earlier.
  • If you happen to be someone with a tight schedule, buy airtight containers and vacuum sealing devices that take out any residual air from the container, thereby reducing the risk of oxidization. These may sound expensive but they are not so, nowadays these are available in handheld or electrically operated models.
  • The trick to remember is to keep your fruits and vegetables cold and away from humidity.

How to Consume Juices, Freeze vs. Fresh

How to Consume JuicesPlant nutrition is very volatile and unstable, as soon as you juice your fruits and veggies, the cells burst open, providing nutrients within seconds. This necessitates the need to consume the juice as soon as is possible. Oxidation of the juices can lead to loss in important nutritional components like iron, zinc, magnesium, as these immediately combine with oxygen to result in compounds that do not have much health significance.

The best period to drink a freshly squeezed juice is within 30 minutes of its production. Any time after this is compromise, although we can increase the longevity of freshly squeezed juices via these methods:

  • Keeping your juices as cold as possible is the first thing required while juicing. In addition, vacuuming of air present in the container before freezing it helps raise its shelf life.
  • Storing your juices in glass containers is the best idea. On the other hand, it is strictly advised that plastic containers not be used, because researches indicate that plastic infuses harmful toxins in anything that is stored in it. Even the industrial grade HDPE containers continually leach toxins into the stuff kept in them. So our verdict? Glass is your new best friend!
  • Some juicers and blenders also play a role in enhancing the shelf life of your juices for example centrifuged juices cannot stay nutritious for more than 8 hours, on the other hand juicers with slower RPM, can actually make your juices stay as nutritious for 24 hours while a different type of slow juicer is wheatgrass juicers that are both slow and strong and are often manual intended to squeeze juice from grass and you can read our review of the best wheatgrass juicers to find out more . It is best to consume your juices within a period that is dictated by the type of juicer you have. Some manufactures like Breville claim that their twin auger models can stay fresh for 72 hours easily.
  • The kinds of fruits you are juicing also play a part in keeping your juice fresh. Citric fruits stay fresh the longest, and the more vegetables you put in a juice the lesser chances it has of having a long fresh life. You can squeeze a lemon into most of your juices to raise their shelf life.
  • The best to retain nutrition in your juices while refrigerating is to attain as low a temperature as you can and remove all the air from the container to minimize oxidation.

How Can You Make Your Juices Taste Great?

How Can You Make Your Juices Taste GreatMaking juices that are amazingly health is not exactly a chore, but when it comes to making them taste great, that certainly is! The truth is, that the more green leaves you put in your juice, the more unpalatable it usually becomes. Therefore, it is imperative that you find a way to balance your juices, in order for them to have taste as well as nutrition. A few steps that can help ensure that are:

  • Making sure that your fruits and vegetables are thoroughly cleaned before feeding them to the processer is the right place to start. Also, make sure, you remove stems, seeds and in citrus fruits, even the pith, which is the fibrous white part, needs removal for the juice to not taste bitter.
  • The best way to make vegetable juices taste good is to top it off with citric layers. Children have a hard time saying no to something that is sweet and sour at the same time (read our guide on juicing for kids). This combination can work wonders for you, in case you are planning to up the ante and start making vegetable concoctions.
  • Another trick to make your juices taste great and be accepted by your family, especially kids is to use the ‘Rainbow approach’ with a twist. This approach makes use of the fact that all colors of foodstuffs should find a way to our meals. You can twist it to your benefit, you can start with more orange and reddish hues in your juices (meaning apples, pineapples, pomegranates, bananas, and berries) and slowly graduate to green color (lettuces, celery, broccoli, cabbage etc).
  • Make sure that under no circumstances should you fall to the swindle of adding sugar or anything external that could jeopardize the complete nutritional value of juices.

How to achieve the perfect balance in your juices?

How to achieve the perfect balance in your juicesThis is something most of us struggle with, how to balance our juices. As in, how to make sure that the spicy component is going well with the salt, or the sweet and sour combination is actually working? The fact is, there is no fixed guide, it all comes down to what your family specifically prefers. Some people have a sweet tooth, in which case pomegranate blended with kale, or celery may be a good idea. On the other hand, some people prefer tangy sour taste or a blend of sweet and sour, which can be obtained by blending together apples and oranges together with kale or a few drops of lime.

You can experiment and start infusing spicy components like red peppers into your juices, contrary to belief peppers are a considerable nutrition storehouse, especially when it comes to antioxidants. Black or red peppers can be used to spice up your juices and make sure your family does not fall into any boring routine.

Understand the role of texture and color

Texture and color of the juice entirely depends on a few things:

  • Fruits juiced together, whether they are pulpy or juicy. In addition buying fresh fruits also plays an important part. It is necessary to not buy diseases lettuces, which has leaves eaten by bugs; same ways buying fruits with external brandings and injuries is also not a good idea. It is important that the fruit be not overly ripened. Make sure, that you buy fruits that look well hydrated, and fresh instead of just too colorful.
  • The functioning of your juicer, whether it is a single gear or twin gear, because that differentiates the juices into finely juiced and not so finally juiced. Centrifugal juicers may churn out finely squeezed juice but it has low nutrition when compared to twin gear juicers.
  • RMP, which refers to rounds per minute and relates to the speed at which the cutting blades rotate per minute. The lower the RPM, the thicker your juice will be in texture. However, a lower RPM also signifies better nutrition preservation while juicing.
  • The texture can be smooth like when you blend mangoes, or can be grainy which is obtained when you juice apples or green leaved vegetables, or it can be thick concoction like in case of bananas.
  • A juice can be made appetizing just by blending the right colored fruits together. If you are aiming to get a glass of red color juice, you might want to mix pomegranates with oranges. If your goal were to get a glass of befitting green juice, you would do well with celery and kale blended together and so on.

How to make use of the juice pulp?

How to make use of the juice pulp?We are often left wondering as to what exactly is it that we can do to the pulp left behind after separating the juice from it. The truth is, the pulp left behind is such an amazing source of nutrition, that it is a shame to let it go waste. Here are some fun ways to use pulps that will make sure, nothing is ever wasted again:

  • This fibrous pulp is as mentioned, rich in fiber content, which is excellent for digestion. Therefore, some of this pulp can be mixed in the juice in little quantities. In the same way, the pulp of some fruits can be used to make milk shakes for kids, for example, the nutritious pulp left over from oranges can very easily be blended with chilled milk and sugar, and an awesome nutritious orange shake is ready. Now, you can be creative and create as many shakes as you would like.
  • When you have veggie leftovers, like after juicing celeries, lettuces, or broccoli, you can use their pulp to thicken your gravy dishes. In some cases you may also use some of this pulp to garnish your salads, or create an all new crush corn salad, with the leftover veggie pulp and boiled corns.
  • Now the fruits and vegetables are all so full of antioxidants that it is our luck, that we can use them for cosmetic purposes. You can make the best orange pulp packs, or papaya masks, or lemon and banana mix face packs for radiant, glowing, and healthy skin.
  • You can make your vegetable stocks and broths and store them for days to come. Some of the leftover pulps make for excellent raw material for soups, like carrot pulp along with some kale or lime can make for one tasty healthy soup.
  • You can make sauces out of these leftovers; use them for making different types of marmalades, as flavoring agents. You can dry them and use with some spices as flavoring agents.

There is absolutely no end to the amount of creative new things you can do with your fruit juice pulp. With some efforts, you can make sure that every fruit juiced, is totally consumed without a shred of it, thrown out.

A Guide to Nutrients

How to use fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your juice?

Planning your juice intake as well as deciding what goes in your juice can actually help meet many goals, be it healthy living, or losing weight or sometimes even gaining weight. The nutritional value of juices depends totally on the ingredients that have been used in it, and every fruit has almost a unique set of calories, vitamins, and other nutritious elements that it imparts to us.

We will enlist some of the common fruits and their calories, vitamin levels and protein levels, the indicated level of nutrients are for one whole fruit or a cup of edible portion wherever it is applicable:

Name Protein content(grams) Dietary fiber(grams) Calories
Artichoke 3.5 10.2 64
Asparagus 2.16 2 20
Beetroot 1.43 1.8 37
Broccoli 1.86 2.6 27
Brussels sprouts 3.8 4.1 56
Celery 1.25 2.4 25
Carrots 0.59 2.4 27
Cauliflower 1.14 1.4 14
Corn 4.02 2.8 113
Cabbage 0.90 1.4 17
Cucumber 0.34 3 8
Kale 2.47 2.6 36
Spinach 0.86 0.7 7
Apple 0.45 4.5 95
Avocado 4.03 13 322
Banana 1.29 3.1 105
Blackberries 2 7.6 62
Blackcurrants 1.6 1.2 71
Cherries 1.45 2.9 87
Cranberries 0.38 4.6 46
Grapes 1.09 1.4 104
Guava 4.2 9 112
Kiwi 0.8 2.1 42
Lemon 0.9 2.4 23
Mango 1.6 3.7 136
Orange 1.3 3.1 62
Papaya 0.85 2.5 55
Peach 1.3 2.2 58
Pear 0.6 5.5 103
Pineapple 0.9 2.3 82
Plum 1.2 2.3 76
Pomegranate 4.7 11 234
Strawberries 0.9 2.9 46
Tomato 1.2 1.5 22
watermelon 1.7 1.1 86

For a Healthy Dose of Vitamins

For a Healthy Dose of VitaminsOne of the main goals of consuming juices is that we get to derive the most important vitamins that are essential for the growth and proliferation of body systems. These vitamins lay the very foundation of our existence and if they are not available in the required quantity, soon enough all the systems start malfunctioning. Therefore, a good vitamin intake is the key to a good body and what better way is there to consume these vitamins, other than juicing? The fact is, juicing preserves the vitamins largely, unleashing all their goodness, and holding nothing back!

  • Vitamin A: It is essential for the growth of retinal cells in the eyes, and has a developmental effect. Some good sources of Vitamin A are carrots, apples, oranges, and bell peppers. The Vitamin A is one of the strongest antioxidants and thus helps our body fight ageing and helps build stronger immunity. The recommended daily allowance or RDA is 1000 IU( international units) in children and about 2500 IU in adults.
  • Vitamin B Complex: Vitamin B complex has numerous vitamins the most notable of which are B1 also known as thiamine, B2- Riboflavin, B3 also called Nicotinic acid, B6 –Pyridoxine, B12- cobalamin. This complex is extremely important for health and functioning of blood and its components. Some good sources are Asparagus, Broccoli, spinach, bananas, and plums. The RDA is about 150 mcg for children and 400mcg for adults.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin is one of the most potent antioxidants that are available in nature. Vitamin C is integral for an improved and enhanced immunity too. Some excellent sources, are citric fruits like oranges, peaches, lemons, and tomatoes. The RDA for Vitamin C is 650-1000mg in children and 2000mg in adults.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is known for its dependability on sunlight for synthesis. It is essential to keep a high intake of this Vitamin in order to maintain healthy bones, and teeth. There are a very few plant sources, like green leafy vegetables that offer trace amounts of vitamin D. the total RDA for children or adults is alike about 500-6000 IU per day.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin also plays a major part as a strong antioxidant. It is essential for the body to keep a steady amount of vitamin E in order to keep the cells and tissues in perfect shape and functional condition. Some good sources of Vitamin E include, Avocadoes, tomatoes, peaches, corn, blackberries, and mangoes. The RDA is 13-24 IU for children and 33- 40 IU for adults.
  • Vitamin K: Vitamin K is involved majorly in taking care of the blood clotting mechanism. It takes part as factors in order to keep the blood clotting time and mechanism under control. Deficiency can cause death due to hemorrhage and loss of blood. Sources of Vitamin K are almost all the green leafy vegetables. It is important to mention that heat destroys vitamin K content in these sources. The RDA is 30-50mcg for children and 120mcg for adults.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) is specifically indicated for children and adults, these values are not applicable to infants and toddlers. Here by children we are signifying children more than 4 years of age.

How to Use These Values to Your Benefit?

How to Use These Values to Your Benefit?The fact is that once you understand how many calories you can derive from a specific fruit, you can calculate how much a total mixture of juices imparts to the body, in terms of calories. The total average calorific need for an average adult male is about 2500 calories and for females, it is 2000 calories. Once you have that figured out you can calculate just how much you are gaining and how can you cut down on it. In addition, you can also figure out based on the RDA of vitamins, just how many portions of fruits you require to keep the vitamin intake fair and in check.

Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to keeping you and your family healthy with juicing and juices. It is very easy to start getting control of your life, the moment you start controlling what you let your body consume, in terms of nutrition and taste. When you choose juicing, you are choosing one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy, at the same time you do not have to compromise on taste. As we say, juicing is not just a science or an art of being healthy; it is a way of life, in more ways than we can count!

The times we live in, call for a desperate war against the modern day ‘demons’ like stress, heart conditions, cancers, diabetes and what not. The truth is these conditions coupled with bad diet habits are the top life claimers we have on our hands right now. We often wonder, what is the one thing that can being us a step closer to nature, that one step which will propel us to start practicing healthy and living a disease free life. The answer has always been right in front of our eyes, and we never saw it! Yes, the magic weapon is none other than Juices and Juicing!

You might not have forgotten the time when your mom made you have a glass of freshly squeezed juice every time you left for school, and how it gave you the strength to carry on all day with vigor and zeal. Now, skeptics can say all they want to, that juices are just sugars and have almost zero benefits, but we know that is not true.

What Do Juices Offer You?

Loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and Phytonutrients, juices supply you with raw instant energy and health benefits. A regular intake of juices has shown to tremendously decrease the risk of coronary artery diseases, and can even lower recurrence rates in cancer patients. Juices have absolutely no cholesterol, and when you prepare them yourself, there is no risk of any external contamination either. If you want a concise list of benefits juices offer, take a look:

  • Anti-oxidants fight free radicals; these free radicals are the culprits for causing ageing and deterioration of arteries over time.
  • Juices help eliminate toxins from the body and proliferating vitamins, minerals and nutrients are supplied in abundance.
  • Some trace elements that are needed by the body in low amounts can also be supplied with just a glass of carefully extracted juice, for example magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, and phosphorous being a few of the huge list.
  • No cholesterol means better arteries thus, a better heart, which in turn means a longer disease free life.
  • You can lose extra flab, because juices are technically devoid of calories, just a few calories per glass means slowly cutting down the flab.
  • Fibers are good for digestion and improve your gut health overall.

An introduction to Juicers

If you are new to the science of juicing, you must know that there is a never-ending variety of juicers, all of which work differently. You have to choose one based on your requirements, whether you want a multipurpose juicer, one that takes care of all your needs, or a basic one, or perhaps one that lets you slip in a little fiber in your kids’ morning glass of nutrition! Juices can be extracted from fruits, vegetables, berries, Green leafy veggies like spinach, radish leaves, and whatever else you can think of! Once you familiarize yourself with the amazing range of juicers and the ways, they can help you extract juices, it becomes your arena, and you can play as much as you want here, invent new recipes, share them with friends, and become an instant star for your kids!

We could go on and on, but how would you like to find the rest by yourself, isn’t this the era of do it yourselfers? Have a glass of juice everyday and keep adding the benefits you derive to this list, encourage other people to go down this path! Don’t just take our word for it, try it!

Raise a Toast to Health With Juicing

As we all know, the process of squeezing juice from fruits and vegetables leaving the fiber behind is known as juicing. You just have to choose the right combination of fruits and vegetables, mix it in a blender or juicer, and separate the fiber. These days, different types of canned juices are available in the market, which contain added colors and preservatives that are not as healthy as the fresh juice taken out at home. Juices are a great way to consume nutrition that is otherwise not available when consuming thoroughly cooked food. Heat has been proven to destroy essential nutrients from vegetables and fruits, which can be easily obtained from raw fruits, in the form of juices.

Why Juices are so Important?

In the daily humdrum of life, people forget to take care of their lifestyles. Lack of exercise, not eating healthy can all result in ill health. Bad eating habits like excess of junk, fast food, and soft drinks are prone to affect the health of children as well as adults. It is very important that people realize the importance of nutritious fruit juice and the way it helps prevent growth of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. An easy way to get more fruits and vegetables in the body without cooking too much is what juicing offers you.

Juice has the power to maintain good health that no other drink can do. Fresh juice made at home helps to increase the level of immunity, thus enabling us to fight diseases better. In addition, juicing helps remove toxins from the body and improves the blood cell count in the body. It gives you the power and energy to handle your busy day, low sugar content and high vitamins present will enhance the health of your body.

Juice is a Strong Source of Vitamins, Fiber, and Minerals

Juice is a Strong Source of Vitamins, Fiber, and MineralsOne should add a glass of fresh fruit juice in their daily breakfast. Juices contain a host of vitamins and minerals, and are nutritious as well as delicious at the same time. Fruits like apple, bananas, and pears are all rich in soluble fibers that aid in digestion and improve gut health. The average cooked meal is devoid of any trace minerals and elements that are required by the tissue systems to proliferate freely. Juices are an excellent source for trace minerals.

  • Some extremely beneficial juices like Aloe Vera, orange and mixed fruit juices are very beneficial for health and contain vitamins E, B12, B6, B1, vitamin C, and folic acid.
  • Vitamin C is very good for skin and helps keep it flawless and hydrated. Drinking Aloe Vera juice also helps keep the digestive system proper. Juices from berries like blueberry, cranberry, and citrus fruits all contain vitamin C, which has rich antioxidant properties.
  • These are very effective in slowing down the process of ageing, rejuvenate health, and help build immunity.
  • Various other fruit juices like pomegranate contain iron and are a good source of vitamins. The best thing about juicing is that no matter which fruit or vegetable you pick to juice, it will be rich in all its nutrients as provided by nature.

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Consuming Juices Prevents Diseases

The health benefits of having juice is that it reduces the chance of strokes and improves the condition of heart. Drinking juice every morning helps to improve digestion and prevent problems like constipation.

  • Blueberry juice is known for its use in curing diarrhea.
  • The excellent nutrition provided by fruits helps raise the bar of immunity, which is essential for fighting diseases, and infections.
  • Juices also lower down the cholesterol level in the body and improves the quality of blood flow. Juicing also helps maintain a healthy liver by filtering harmful substances from the blood.
  • Vegetable juicing also endows the body systems with balanced alkalinity and acidity, which contributes to good health by eliminating stress, ageing, and obesity.

Juice Fasting – Get Rid of Toxins

Juices contain powerful anti-oxidants, which fight free radicals that are responsible for damage to the arteries and ageing of body systems. The photo nutrients present in fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial for the body. Our bodies are designed to flourish on raw vegetables, cooking the food and then consuming it eliminates all its nutritional values. Nonetheless, we are fortunate enough to restore the nutritional power of fresh vegetables and fruits in the form of juicing. Juicing is a form of detoxification and is used to treat various diseases.

  • Some of the juices used in fasting routine are extracted from green vegetables like spinach with parsley, peppermint, basil, ginger, citrus fruits etc.
  • It is advisable to combine fruits and vegetables together because this enhances nutritional value at the same time stays delicious and refreshing.

Juicing: The Healthy Way to lose weight

Unlike many other techniques for losing weight, which are unhealthy and sometimes outright dangerous, Juicing is a wonderful and riveting and a healthy way to lose weight. The human body is accustomed to deposit extra calories in the form of fats; juices are devoid of any extra calories and fat components. Thus, the calorie intake by the body reduces immediately when compared to consuming calorie rich cooked food, which is usually laced with oil.

  • One actually gets lot of nutrients like vitamins and minerals by having juice as compared to having normal fully cooked meals.
  • Another benefit is that it keeps you satisfied and filled for a longer duration and prevents you from eating repeatedly. The soluble fiber content in the juices keep you feeling full for a longer time and thus negate the need to eat impulsively.

Get a Glowing Complexion

A healthy skin is the window to your soul; it is not a saying without any grounds. Fruit juices help eliminate toxins from the body, and help keep your skin hydrated and supple. It is the best way to get nutrition without eating solid foods. One of the best features that juices come packed with are the antioxidants that fight signs of ageing and keep you looking younger forever.

  • Fruits like bananas and apples are rich in iron, magnesium that acts as an anti aging agent for the skin.
  • Oranges, kiwis and star fruits, are a rich and delicious source of vitamin C, which enhances the skin texture, tightens the skin, and clears the skin blemishes.
  • Lemon with the help of vitamin C and antioxidants helps to lighten the skin, diminish the acne scars and acts as a skin cleanser.
  • Papaya is a good source of vitamin A, which kills the dead cells and helps to decrease pigmentation keeping the skin healthy.

Juicing Tips: Serve it Right

Juicing Tips: Serve it RightBefore you, start juicing you should have a proper juicer for it, and that is obvious. These days you will get to see a variety of juicers in the market like manual juicers, cheap plastic juicers and a plethora of other kinds, but a wise decision would be to take into account, your budget, and your requirements before you zero in on one.

Now that we have seen the benefits of juicing, we must extract and serve it properly. A few tips can take you a long way in perfecting the art of serving juices:

  • It is essential that you thoroughly wash the juices before putting them in a juicer or blender. Also, make sure that you peel only those fruits that require peeling, because some fruits have a lot of nutrition in their peels, like apples and peaches.
  • Get hold of some great recipes and experiment everyday with new recipes to keep the spark alive and make sure your family does not get bored with having to drink the same concoction every day.
  • Make sure that you serve the juice immediately after you squeeze it. Nutritionists have repeatedly implied that the nutritional value of juices starts declining the moment you start storing them. Therefore, squeeze it, and serve it!
  • Get a riveting variety of glasses like tall stemmed glasses, margarita glasses, or sometimes people use wine glasses to perk up things a little bit. Great glasses make the whole serving part fun and exciting. Children might especially enjoy glasses with their favorite cartoons embedded on them. You can get them to drink spinach or mixed fruit and spinach juices and serve it in a glass with Popeye as the carton print, which will keep them motivated and interested at the same time.
  • Make sure you keep different varieties of decorating motifs like sprinklers, lemon slices, juice umbrellas, etc to make things a little more inviting in the long run. The trick is to break monotony and spice up even the most boring looking of all drinks into something desirable to your family and kids.

Juicing Boosts Energy

If you consume juice every day, you will surely feel energetic. These days, many energy drinks are available in the markets, which are caffeinated, and drinking them for instant energy boost may not be as good an idea as you think it is. Instead, drink fresh juice made of fruits and vegetables of your choice, which can be really healthy and devoid of any harmful side effects. Juices keep you hydrated and enhance your energy levels instantly. Juices can be easily digested and absorbed by the body, which results in excellent digestion and improved immune function.

The Gift of Nature in its Purest Form

Juices are an excellent way of consuming what is natural in its own form. The truth is, juicing is not just a trend that is fast catching up everywhere in the world, but it is a way of life. If all of us were to adapt the healthy habit of having at least one glass of juice every day, may be the world would slowly see a decline in mortality due to bad lifestyle choices. Juices are not just a storehouse of nutrition and natural goodness in its purest form, but offer us a healthy snack and a diet choice that is much better than everything else combined. Therefore, the new mantra should be: A glass of juice every day, will definitely keep the doctor away!

You probably already know that juicing is the nearly magical way of saving ourselves from all the unhealthy decisions we have been making. In this article, we will look in detail at some of the most popular juices and what they bring to the table. But before we get there, we will look at what juicing is all about and more.

What Is Juicing?

What Is JuicingJuicing refers to a process of separating juice from pulp in a juicer. The way this extraction process occurs depends on the type of juicer you are using. The pulp may be discarded or might be applied in other uses.

Difference With Blending

Many, especially first-timers, often times confuse juicing and blending. This is understandable considering that the two try to achieve the same thing- but differently. Blenders work by pulverizing  the food. Nothing is thrown away. There is no separate pulp container.

And before you ask which one is better, let me answer that it all depends on your needs. But in my opinion, it is best to do both as both are beneficial in their senses.


The most prominent reason juicing is seeing so much success is because of its abundant supply of nutrients. The problem is that many of us do not eat enough vegetables. Our plates are always full of junk. But with juicing, that problem gets solved. Since we usually juice a lot than what we can manage to eat in one sitting, we end up consuming a lot of nutrients. This makes it easy to reach the recommended amount of nutrients we are supposed to get from vegetables and fruits daily.

Cookware for Your Health Benefits

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