Helpful Equipments to Enhance Your Juicing Experience

One of the main aspects of healthy living includes the introduction of juices in the daily diet. Juices are a great diet food as they provide the body with all the required nutrients and are practically calorie free. Juices provide sufficient energy for a person to function throughout the day. Juices curb the appetite thereby inducing the usage of already stored fat in the body.

Today, a large number of juicers are available in the market. It is important to analyze, compare, and then choose the appropriate juicer for yourself. One must buy a juicer keeping in mind the kind of fruits and vegetables you use, the amount of juice you require at a time, easy cleaning, low maintenance etc.

Here are some of the equipments that might help you enhance your juicing experience:


Scales are necessary while using any fruit or vegetable to extract its juice. With the use of scales, one can accurately measure the amount of calorie, vitamin and mineral intake.

Scales become even more important when you want to mix the juices of a variety of vegetables and fruits, as with the help of scales you can accurately measure each component.


Cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained at all times and hence a cleaning brush becomes necessary while using a juicer. It sometimes get difficult to clean the juicer from inside, a brush allows you to easily clean the juicer.

If proper steps to maintain hygiene are not taken, it can lead to growth of fungus and moulds inside the juicing equipment, making it extremely hazardous.

Vegetable Peeling Iron

It is a scientifically proven fact that certain fruits and vegetables should be consumed only after peeling like mangoes, peaches and sometimes you might want to peel even apples in order to juice them properly. Thus, a peeling iron comes in handy when you want to extract the juice of a fruit or vegetable that needs to be peeled before doing so.

Cutting Boards

Fruits and vegetables need to be cut into smaller pieces before putting them in a juicer to extract their juice. Thus, a cutting board acts as a clean and hygienic surface for cutting and peeling fruits or vegetables. It is also relatively easy to clean, and there be an ethereal variety of these available in stores, like with grip, without grip, marble, plastic etc.


Knives come in handy for cutting vegetables or fruits into smaller pieces before putting them into the juicer for taking out the juice. This is obvious, however, that knives have much more active role to play in the kitchen, then just for juicing thus a great collection of knives for your kitchen is always recommended.


For vegetables such as carrot, radish or turnip it is feasible to first grate them finely and then put them in the juicer. Grating ensures that every ounce of juice is squeezed and your fruits and veggies do not go to waste. Thus, a grater helps when you want to grate before the extraction of juice

Measurement Cups

It is often seen that dieticians recommend certain specific amount of juice to be taken every day. This amount needs to be carefully measured and then consumed. Here measurements cups are used to measure the exact amount of juice to be consumed depending on the percentage of daily requirements as calculated by your nutritionist.

Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle sticks are used for stirring the juices. They come in attractive colours, shapes and sizes. Swizzle sticks add a fun element to your juice and are a great way to encourage kids to have juice.

High Glass

These are designer glasses, which hold a comparatively smaller amount of juice. They add variety and fun, just like the Swizzle sticks. These are also great for parties and small gatherings that you might want to host in your very own home.

Pineapple Cutter

Pineapple is considered a major fat burning fruit and hence it’s juice is consumed by many for the sheer nutrition and taste that it offers. However, pineapple is hard to peel and cut and thus special pineapple cutters are available in the market, which simplify the process of cutting a pineapple and extracting its juice.

With the help of these above equipments, you can enhance your experience of juicing and enjoy your special glass of nutrition without breaking a sweat, so happy juicing!