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Magical Morning Mania

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by Lisa

Magical Morning Mania – A delicious mix of citrusy Blueberry and tomatoes along with calcium-rich broccoli, this devouring juice is sure to cheer up your mornings. This energizing and lip-smacking veggie and fruit juice takes very little preparation time. It involves fruits along with roots to add to your health benefits. The citrusy fruits cleanse and detoxify your body and eliminate toxins whilst the vitamin-rich roots enhance your body’s immunity and strength. Whip up this delicious and great tasting glass of juice to make your mornings energetic and healthy. All you need are three ingredients and you are good to go through the day without having to worry about your health.

Tools You Might Need:

Make sure you have one of the above to the make the process easy and

Ingredients you will need:

  • Blueberry – 2 cups (296 grams)
  • Tomatoes – 2 medium whole (246 grams)
  • Broccoli – 2 stalks (302 grams)

Steps to make a great cocktail of health:

  • Dice the tomatoes, and chop broccolis and add blueberries in a bowl
  • Put all the ingredients and process them in a juicer. Do not add water or sugar/salt. The more raw and natural this juice, the more vitamins and nutrients it packs in for you.
  • Strain the juice with a strainer and pour it in a glass.
  • You can serve the drink with mint garnishing or a slice of lemon.

Your revitalizing Magical Morning Mania juice is now ready to be devoured! This healthy juice is best consumed early morning before breakfast.

The Benefits you derive From the Magical Morning Mania:

The Iron-rich Broccoli energizes your immune system and helps you stay active during the day. The high fiber content of the broccoli also helps keep your cholesterol levels in check. Tomatoes being highly rich in potassium help lower your blood pressure and provide your skin with melatonin, which helps, prevent Breast Cancer. The citrus portion of the blueberry enriches your body with Vitamin C, and helps restore your skin’s elasticity and its ethereal glow. This delicious magical combination of super charged citrus fruits and veggies makes Magical Morning Mania a must-have to detoxify your immune system and keep you energized all day long.

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