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Mean Green Machine

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by Lisa

Mean Green Machine: A heady mix of fruits such as apples and vegetables such as cucumber, celery, kale and lemon, is all your need to pump up your mind and body. This juice will take barely a few minutes of your day to add those much-needed vitamins and detoxifying elements to boost your immunity system. Check out our review for the best blender for green smoothies.

Ingredients you will need:

  • Apples – 2 medium (3″ diameter) 364g
  • Celery – 4 stalk, large (11″-12″ long) 256g
  • Cucumber – 1 cucumber (8-1/4″) 301g
  • Ginger Root – 1 thumb (1″ diameter) 24g
  • Kale – 6 leaf (8-12″) 210g
  • Lemon – 1/2 fruit (2-3/8″ diameter)

Steps to make a great cocktail of health:

  • Dice the apples, ginger and the cucumber
  • Ensure that all the ingredients are washed before you add them to the juicer.
  • Process all the ingredients in a juicer.
  • It is your choice to add sugar or salt, depending upon the taste. Although, these should be avoided, and the juice be consumed in its natural form.
  • Ensure that you strain the processed liquid in a jug.
  • Shake or stir the processed liquid.
  • Serve your juice in a glass with adequate garnish like mint leaves or lemon wedges.

There is almost nothing better to kick-start your day than the mean green machine. It is a booster to digest the remaining meals of the day!

How can the Mean Green machine help you?

  • If you want to keep stress and diseases at bay, then the mean green machine is the right way to begin. Talk about anxiety, cough, high blood pressure, kidney stones, liver disease, and several other chronic diseases can be easily avoided. Each of the components within this healthy drink gives your mind and body the right boost to keep critical illnesses away.
  • Hangover, constipation, fever, and other regular flu can all be managed with this tasty mix of fruits and veggies, which boosts your immunity, and helps fight diseases. If you want to invest in a juicer read our guide so you can get started on juicing.
  • Apart from preventing illnesses, it is the ideal weight-loss juice. The addition of lemon significantly increases its effects and helps in weight loss. Try this weight-loss cum immunity boosting tasty juice every morning, and carry on with your happy energetic day!

This tasty mix of vegetables and fruits in the mean green machine makes it one of the easiest and healthiest juices to try out, the next time you switch on that juicer!

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