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Store Bought Juices vs. Homemade Juices

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by Lisa

In the modern world, the style of living has completely changed from what it was ten years ago. Today man relies more on machines and most of his day is spent sitting in front of computers. Manual labor has decreased and mental labor has increased, people do not use their bodies as much as they should. This has led to many problems and diseases. The modern man is aware of this fact and he is trying to make amends.

What role do juices play?

Nowadays, people have grown extremely conscious about their bodies and are adopting various diets and exercise regimes to reduce the extra body fat and keep their body healthy. Juices have come up as the best health drink and have replaced soft drinks and alcohol. Juices are favored by the health conscious people as they are an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins present in fruits and vegetables. Juices help in maintaining a healthy body as it works as an excellent beverage and has practically no fat content, it also curbs your appetite. Here are some great juicer options for you, our list of the best selling compact juicers for small kitchen, the best juicer buying guide, centrifugal juicer reviews, and wide range of citrus and lemon juicers.

Store Bought Juices vs. Homemade Juices

A variety of companies produce juices packed in tetra packs, including flavors ranging from apple, grapes, pomegranate, guava, litchi, tomato, pineapple etc. Some of the major firms produce juices that are available in 200ml, 500ml, 1l, and 2l packs. Store bought juices are widely used by a number of people all around the world. The superiority of store bought juices over homemade juices is a debatable topic however store bought juices continue to reign the markets until date.

A large number of people prefer to extract juices from the pulp of the fruits by themselves, at home. A variety of juicers are available in the market that makes the process of juicing easier and more convenient. Homemade juices have an added advantage over store bought juices as they are freshly squeezed and do not contain any added preservatives, sugar or artificial nutrients.

Let us now evaluate store bought juices vs. homemade juices on the following parameters:

Nutritional Value

Store Bought Juices:

  • The nutritional value of a pack of canned or packaged juice is listed on the back of the pack. Packaged juices generally have added preservatives to make them last longer.
  • They also have added sugar and artificial flavors, the added sugar can add up to your body weight whereas the preservatives and artificial flavors reduce the nutritional content of the juice.
  • Although some companies also add, artificial nutrients to the juice but those nutrients are not as good as the original ones.

Homemade Juices:

  • Homemade juices are packed with nutrients as they are filled with the nutrients present in the fruit.
  • They do not contain any artificial flavors or nutrients and hence retain their original nutrient content.
  • In addition, the lack of added sugar makes homemade juices healthier as they do not contribute to weight gain.


Store Bought Juices:

  • Major Companies own large factories where juices are extracted from the pulp with the help of machines. The whole process involves steps including extraction of juice from the pulp, its purification, and addition of sugar, nutrients, and added flavors and finally the packaging of the juice.
  • The whole process involves one-step that decreases the nutritional value of juice drastically. The juice extracted from the pulp of the fruit is left to stand in containers. This process oxidizes the juice thereby reducing the nutrients present in it.
  • Therefore, even after the addition of artificial nutrients, store bought juices remain deficient in nutrients.

Homemade Juices:

  • Homemade juices can either be prepared by using electronic juicers or manual juicers.
  • Both the kinds of juicers yield high quality fresh juice that will give your body a boost of energy.
  • Though homemade juices are tedious to prepare and require a lot of time, the high quality end results make the labor worth it.

Ease to Customers

Store Bought Juices:

  • Packaged juices are easier to use, as they just need to be poured out of the box and consumed.
  • It saves all the time that goes in peeling and juicing fruits at home and also it is because of the packaged juices that you can experience and savor the taste of fruits that are not available in your locality.
  • Packaged juices are easy to carry and you can have a quick and healthy snack anywhere.
  • In addition, packaged juices provide juices of the fruits which are not in season and thus if a beauty conscious girl wants to drink orange juice to better her skin, she can do that all throughout the year despite the season and availability or non-availability of oranges.

Homemade Juices

  • The invention of electronic juicers has made the process of juicing at home, more convenient.
  • However, it still involves a lot of process including peeling the fruit, cutting it into pieces, assembling the machine etc. If one needs to have a quick breakfast with a glass of juice then homemade juices are not for them.
  • Another disadvantage of homemade juices is that these juices cannot be stored; they must be consumed immediately after their extraction.

Homemade juices are no doubt better than the store bought juices due to their high nutritional content but store bought juices are not all that bad and are a good alternative for homemade juices. So ‘juice’ the best option for you keeping in mind your needs!

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