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What Skeptics Say and What to Keep in Mind When Juicing?

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by Lisa

Juicing has come back with a vengeance, and this time it has enveloped all the world in its healthy and nutritious spell. From time to time, there are these heated debates all around the globe as to whether juices are safe to be consumed or not. However, juice fanatics all over the world continue to swear by the exceedingly comprehensive benefits that they derive from juices. One cannot deny that juices are rich in antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, as well as trace elements some of which can only be had when you make foodstuff interesting like juices.

What is all the commotion that skeptics have generated?

We have all heard of nutritionists and even some doctors saying that juices are nothing but a storehouse of sugar. This sugar, according to this group of skeptics is what makes juices extremely dangerous to have, because all that latent energy is devoid of any true nutrition to them. Some of these anti-juicing groups have also gone to the extent of saying that juices can sometimes create a situation of hyperglycemia, or increased blood sugar levels shortly. This has been claimed to be exceedingly dangerous to the diabetic population and thus, has created a fear in the minds of diabetics.

Some nutritionists have claimed that the way juices are made, actually destroys any nutritional value the fruits have. They claim that centrifugation or any other methods of juicing actually cause damage to the structure of nutrients like proteins, rendering them useless for the body to actually use them. Read more about our centrifugal juicers here or the best juicers overall here.

What should we all believe?

In light of all this strange skepticism, we are often left wondering who to believe. The best way to do this is understand a few things, we know that some amount of skepticism can be healthy, but too much has always spoiled things. The truth is, juices do have sugar content, and no one is denying that, but to say that they are devoid of nutrition, is taking matters too far. Sugar is an instant source of energy this is why juices make us feel fresh, but to maintain that freshness your every morning glass has to have essential dietary nutrients.

It is basic science that centrifugation at the speeds that a normal juicer juices a fruit is not actually capable of breaking down proteins. Proteins are undoubtedly volatile, but their volatility is related more to temperature than to centrifugation. All a juicer does is, squeeze out the natural nectar, present in a food substance it does not distort anything.

So should you believe the skeptics? No one knows, but isn’t it outright stupidity to say that if you cut a vegetable shorter, it has lost its nutrition? Juicing has always been and will continue to be a fabulous snack and source for nutrition.

What to keep in mind when juicing

There are many goals for juicing but they can usually be classified in three, to understand the requirements each category has, let us look at them.

Category 1:  These people believe that juicing would detoxify their entire body and give their gut a break.

Category 2: They replace a meal with fresh juice, however juice is not their only source of nutrients, and they have regular meals as well.

Category 3:  They look up to juice fasting as a way to shed those extra pounds that have been quite stubborn. They jump start their day with fresh juice; daily nutrients are received only from the juices that have been consumed. They follow a religious diet plan until they manage to achieve their weight goal.

Categories 1 and 2 are safe categories, and their goals are reliable and attainable. It is however tough to believe that there are people out there who want to make juices their only source of nutrition as in category 3. It might be feasible in the beginning but what people need to know is that juices ‘alone’ cannot be a long-term source of all the nutrition your body requires. It is advisable that juices be consumed in addition to normal solid foods to aid in a better healthier habit, instead of pure obsession.

Make sure you follow these steps when you juice

  • It is always advisable to wash the veggies and fruits well, before juicing them, it may seem obvious to some, but unbelievably a step that is highly missed or forgotten.
  • Drink immediately and not later, make your drink as fresh as possible and drink it immediately as it is highly perishable.
  • Every time you make yourself some juice ensure that, the juicer is cleaned well, as any residue that is left behind can quickly be contaminated with mould growth.
  • The strainer needs extra care and attention, using a toothbrush to clean the strainer would be a good idea.
  • Remember that your body needs different kind of proteins and nutrients, so ensure that you have different kinds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Never ignore what your body is trying to say as it could prove to be fatal
  • Never expect an immediate cure to ailments that you have always had in the past, do not continue juicing till you drop those extra pounds, juicing is not an immediate solution to rectify health problems that arise due to poor lifestyle choices of the past.
  • Consult a dietician and ask for guidance if you are diabetic, if you have blood pressure, if you are pregnant or if you are a new mother. Seek help and do not decide for yourself.

Juicing for weight loss

So would you be losing weight if you abide by a strict juicing diet plan? Maybe or maybe not, one should always keep in mind that no single food category or food group is a reason for obesity, for instance even fats need to be consumed by the body. Instead of going on a long diet plan, remember each body is unique and behaves differently,

How to ensure that you listen to what your body is trying to say

Drinking fresh juice should be continued if only it provides you with an enjoyable experience rather that making you feel like nauseating. Each body reacts differently to different kinds of food that is consumed, your system is unique and so you need to understand what works for you and what does not. If you can feel that your stomach is churning and is making you feel uncomfortable it indicates that is has not accepted your new diet plan or  this is your first time juicing , take heed to what your body is trying to say , do not push yourself too much.

Prolonged juice fasting, and not having any solid food, is never advisable for long term. Always remember that your goal is to maintain the gift of life you have received, not overdo it in order to fulfill a false body image you have today.

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